Thursday, January 29, 2009

First Day of Group

Wow, I have so much to share with you all right now, I'm so excited, I just don't know where to start. :)
Pastor Connie started Capital Christian Women's Group today. It was one of the most uplifting experiences I have ever been involved in. I'm overflowing right now. I left there with chills (the good ones) coursing through my body, light on my feet, and feeling I've gone a step or more higher in faith. So with that said, I'm going to start out with what happened to me last night and go from there.

Last night I talked to my little sister to find out she is in a world of pain. The doctor has her on 2 different pain pills and it's not helping her at all. She is unable to work. Unable to lift the babies. Good thing her husband isn't working right now. She is so down right now, but...her faith has not left her. Also, she found out the mother of the babies is going to take them to court again to fight for the little ones.

Needless to say, after having just talked to my parents and hearing how the Lord has answered so many prayers for them, I felt deflated. Yes, I let go of faith to some degree, not completely mind you. I was hurt, frustrated, started thinking stupid things, angry. I just wanted to shout out to God, "Why? Why? She's a faithful woman in you Lord. She's following your plan for her. Why are you doing this to her. She's been suffering for so long, and you just keep piling stuff on her. Why?"

So I went upstairs where I can feel His presence so much stronger. I sat there crying and praying for healing. Then he came to me and reminded me, Forward child. Keep your focus on the Jesus. I saw Him standing on water, and I was in a boat, and He said, "Step out of the boat, keep your focus on Jesus, keep Faith in Him." So I stepped out of the boat and smiled, as I was walking on water to Him and He took me in his arms! What a beautiful feeling that was. Then I realized that I just needed to keep faith in the matter. I was still battling with what I was to do. Should I go help out, should I stay here as I have my grand kids to tend to? What was I to do. So I went back down and laid and talked with my hubby.

I so love this man of the Lord. He told me that this is in the Lords hands, there is nothing I can do to fix any of the problems that I've been dwelling on. Honestly, I've been working so hard on not worrying, as that is not good. That's when I began to realize that I needed to let go of it, trust Jesus to take care of it all. Besides, as hubby stated, it's His plans for us, we have no control over what happens, we must be patient and trust in Him. Hallelujah! Thank you Lord for saving my hubby and making him such a strong man in you!"

So today right after worship we were praying. I felt His presence so strong. Pastor Tracy told us to pray out for what we needed and to say I believe, I believe, I believe, I trust You, and so I did. I prayed for my sister and He showed me He was laying His hands on her and was healing her. It was such a beautiful feeling. I'm believing. Praise the Lord.

Then Pastor Connie began to speak. She started with Malachi 4:5 "Look, I am going to sen you Elijah the prophet before the great and awesome Day of the Lord comes. 6 And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers. Otherwise, I will come and strike the land with a curse."

Well at first she was stumbling a little bit giving us the wrong scripture, but that was okay. We new we were in for a good message. Low and behold, just as she finished this scripture, her husband, Pastor Ken walked in, and she asked Him to come up and greet us. He did and then told us of a friend of theirs visiting and then asked if she would like to have Him speak. She said yes, and Pastor Ken proceeded to tell us what an awesome evangelist Pastor Bob Weiner was. We were all excited to hear this man speak.

Oh my word, you would not believe it! He was awesome. The man had us all squirming and shouting and just beaming. He spoke of two of his daughters. The one I can not remember the name of, but she was 11 when she was suppose to go to a camp on a campus. A woman there who was not a Christian had the camp stopped. (I know I'm not getting all the details correct here, but it's close), but anyway, his daughter went and spoke to the woman and told her she was going to pray for her and she would find salvation and come to the Lord, etc.

That night his daughter while sleeping saw this woman burning in Hell. She woke up crying and cried for 3 hours for this woman. Then the Holy Spirit visited her and told her that because of her tears, the woman would be saved. The next day, the woman went to a priest, told him what his daughter had told her and how she felt she needed to be saved!!! She gave her life to Christ that day!!! Hallelujah, praise the Lord.

His other daughter at about age 6 was at a function or something when he saw a young boy in a wheel chair and asked the mother how long it's been since her son walked. She told the girl that he's never walked. Angeline, the daughter, tells the woman, "My daddy can make him walk!" She went to find him or a pastor. She couldn't find any of them. So she went back and said, "I'll pray for him as I have the same Holy Ghost in me as my dad does. So I will pry for him." She proceed to pick the boy up out of the chair where he began to receive strength and stood as she was praying over him. The little boy that night ran across the stage!!!

Pastor Bob told us that nothing is impossible with God. I'm believing. As He spoke, you could fee His presence in that sanctuary. I so love being in His presence. When he finished talking, He then went around and blessed everyone of us with the placing of his hand on us. It was such an awesome experience. By then it was time to end our group. Each of our tables had what was called a table mom. She was to lead us in questions and discussion and prayer. It was such a neat time.

Our small group leader was telling us that Pastor Connie does not like to teach, it's not her calling, but when she was told to do this, and received it from the Lord. He placed it on her heart that all groups were to stop meeting for now and we were all to be brought to the one class led by her. Thank heavens she's obedient to the Lord. I know He is going to lead her to lead us. We have much more to look forward to. I can't wait! I wish everyone could get a chance to listen to Pastor Bob Weiner. He's an amazing man of the Lord! I am going to do a new post with the message he gave us, since this turned out so long. (blushing).

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