Friday, April 10, 2009

Customer Service

Ever have those days when all these ideas for a post come at once, yet there are days when there is nothing. I completely forgot about this one. I was prompted to write about it last night too on my way home. So this is the reason for so many posts lately. Ideas are pouring out of me. ;~)

Customer service has been amazing as of late. It made me think, are managers telling their employees they need to try extra hard to be nice in times of struggles. Are more coming to the Lord and are sharing their happiness? Is the financial condition of our country not having much of an impact. Are more customers being nicer which has put the employees in much better moods?

I mean really. I've been experiencing some awesome customer service lately with an occasional grouch now and then. The one that really impressed me the most was a young man probably early 20's maybe even 19 who was amazing. He was polite, helpful, and smiled the whole time!!! Now tell me, how often do you see this these days? I can't begin to tell you how much that lifted my spirits. I left the store with a huge smile on my face, a skip in my walk, and a song in my heart and I thanked the Lord and commented, Lord that young man can teach many of us elders how to behave ourselves. It was refreshing to see.

Then the thought came, "Daughter, you have Me in your heart, you share that with the people you meet whether verbally or just being kind, or just a simple smile and understanding heart. When you take Me with you, people can tell and they give it back to you through Me." How cool is that. All the more reason to stay in constant conversation with Him. To always have Him in your heart and soul. What a difference in life He has made! Thank You Sweet Father God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit! Amen!

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