Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fun Quiz

I just came from visiting Lauren Annes blog. I decided to go ahead and do this since she took the time to fill it out. These can be fun sometimes, and other times, just seem silly. But hey, we learn a little more about one another. If you chose to do this, by all means do so. Just copy the questions and answers. Erase my answers and put your own in. Let me know that you have done it so I can go read yours. So here goes:

Starting Time: 12:10 AM
Name: Tammy
Sisters: 2
Brothers: None, although I had 3 foster brothers.
What are you wearing: my pink cumfy jams
Favorite number: 7
Favorite drink: Water
Favorite month: June or December
Favorite breakfast: Spanish Omelet
Love someone so much who made you cry? Yup
Broken a bone? no
Been in a police car: nope, and don't plan to ever be either
Been on a boat: Yes!
Came close to dying: I guess you could say that.
Been in a hot tub: Oh yeah!
Swam in the ocean: yup, and tried to drink the ocean too. ;)
Fallen asleep in school: Unfortunately. I'm always tired and no one knows why. :(
Cried when someone died: what type of question is that?? Of course I did
Fallen off your chair: Do I have to say? Yes, and more than once.

***********What is***********
Your room like: Right now, kind of empty except for clutter of stuff I'm going through, tan walls
(what is) right next to you: My desk and Bible
The last thing you ate: Easter M&M's (broke into the kids Easter candy when hubby complained that I had bought some but did not share with him and our son. :{

******Ever Had******
chicken pox: yes
sour throat: yes
stitches: I'm a mom, so that's a given, but yes, I've had many

***Do You***
Lke picnics: Most definitely
Like school: Loved elementary, middle school was alright, hated high school for the most part, absolutely loved college (guess that's because I'm a lot older and maybe wiser). ;)

Who was the last person you danced with: Hubby
Who makes you smile: The Lord is number One! But there are way too many to list, unless of course I'm allowed to write a book. Tee Hee

Who did you last yell at: yell at??? hmm, I guess grandkids.
Do you like filling these out: It depends
Do you like yourself: Finally! Once I realized that I was putting God down when I hated myself.

***Final Questions***
What are you listening to: The sound of the whirring motors of computers and the clickety clacking of the keys
Do you hate anyone in your family: NO!!!!!!
What do you wish to have: A non-sinful life
Good singer: Ack! Almost choked from laughing too hard. Me, I wish! I love to sing, but do not have a great voice.
Indoors or outdoors: Outdoors any chance I get. I love the great outdoors!

***Today did you***
Talk to someone you like: Always, my family
Get sick: Too often again, and no one can figure out why. Keep praying!
sing: Like I said, can't carry a note. Waaahhhhh
Miss someone: Again, too many to list, but I really miss my sons children. I want nothing more than to see them again.

***Last person who***
You talked to on the phone: Little sis
Made you cry: person, hmmm, hubby I think, but God is the last
Went to the mall with: Oh my gosh, it's been years since I've been to the mall! I can't even begin to remember that!
Been to Europe: yes
Been to Asia: no
Been to Russia: no
Been to Bahamas: no
Been to Mexico: no
Been to Canada: yes
Been to Africa: No but that's one of the mission areas I would like to go to.

What books are you reading right now: my bible and The Power of a Praying Woman; by Stormie Omartian
Best feeling in the world: Knowing the Lord is there with you
Future kids names: There hadn't better be any more kids!
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: No
What is under you bed: the bed frame, carpet, dust bunnies, sometimes Belle our cat, an occasional lost toy, and a light cover
Favorite location: Church
Who do you hate: No one!
Do you have a job: I guess you could say that. I work for free taking care of most of our grandchildren full time
Are you lonely: No way!
Time finished: 12:34 AM

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