Friday, April 10, 2009

Sad Times

I'll start out with a happy note first. Guess what Tami, it was raining here. You know what that means!!! Puddles!!!!!! Waaaaahhhhhooooooo! ;)

Now on the down side. There was a reason for the rain drops. The cloudy sky with the rain falling was so befitting for the mood felt. There was tears from heaven falling. I received a call from my sister next in age to let me know that our good friend Ira passed away this morning. The Lord blessed him by taking him at 5:15 am while he was sleeping. He had been doing so good, seeming to fight the battle with so much cancer. We are thankful there was no suffering when he went. He is with our Father in heaven now preparing a place for his family. No more suffering. No more knee pain. No more battles with cancer. No more radiation and chemo treatments.

I do ask that you pray for the family. He had three girls. The oldest being married and gave them grand children. Unfortunately he will not be here to watch them grow up and enjoy them, but some day they will all be together.

Regardless how prepared that our loved one is dying, it never makes that loss any easier. They are a good family, believed in our Lord, were loving people. Pray for comfort for them all during this time of grief.

Also, my next in age sister also found out that her husbands uncle is in the hospital battling with pneumonia and the prognosis is not good. The doctors do not expect him to live. We all know though that miracles do happen. We have heard those words to be prepared for someone to not make it and then pull out of it. So please pray for Ralph for healing.

Also, my brother-in-law has been TDY (on temporary duty) during all this. His good friend just lost his mother two weeks ago and now another good friend dies and his uncle not doing well. So if you could pray for strength for him and a early release to come back home safely. Pray for my sister and their daughter as well, as it has been a really rough time going this alone with him gone and having to give him the news while away.

Thank you all so much. I know your hearts are big, your love for the Father is all gracious and our prayers will heal, raise up, give strength as we all pray together. Thank you Father. Amen


Tami said...

Tammy, I can't seem to enjoy the puddles when so much heartache is going on around you. I'm so sorry for your friend. Yet happy at the same time. Happy he is with his love, his savior, his father, his friend, and Loving GOD. It's OUR loss, yet his gain. Sadly he will be missed by us, yet rejoice when we see him once again.

I'll keep you and family as well as friends in my prayers.

It's raining here too. It even thundered a few times, (which is rare here) we don't often get that. I saw the lighting out the corner of my eye while driving, I was so tempted to pull over and just stand in the down pour! They'd come for me then! heh heh.

I wouldn't mind as I'd share my love of puddles and rain with them all.. fascination..and LOVE, they'd understand once I told them I really wasn't crazy! LOL

I'm praying for you..
I <3 you Tammy.
Your so wonderful!

Love to you

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thank you Tami. You are so sweet. Honestly, I couldn't get into the excitement of the puddles yesterday, but felt the weather was very befitting. Looks like it's going to rain here again today, so perhaps the kids and I can have some fun. ;)
Thank you for your prayers.
Love, hugs and blessings to you.