Sunday, April 19, 2009

Relax Sunday

Just wanted to share this with you.

God's Hand of Discipline is a Hand of Love!
For all the heartaches and the tears,
For gloomy days and fruitless years,
I do give thanks, for now I know,
These were the things that helped me grow!
A verse from
Just felt those few words said so much. Have a blessed relaxing Sunday!


~hon~ said...

Oh I agree! It's a beautiful poem. I LOVE everything you share in your blog. ALL THE GLORY IN OUR LIVES BELONGS TO GOD ALONE!

My dear friend, thank you for your comments in my blog. I really need to catch up. You are such a huge blessing and encouragement to me. Btw, I'm doing better now. Thank you for offering some help. I appreciate that a lot. Please just pray for me always as I already know you are. I am praying for you, as well. You are one of my very loyal, first and best friends in this blog world. I will always cherish our friendship. Forever til we meet in eternity.

Here is another long comment from me. hehehe! It's such a habit for me to write long comments. Hope it's a good habit. hehehe!


iLoveYou, my dear co-heiress in CHRIST!

Deare Diary said...

Hope your day is relaxing and blessed.

Denise said...

Bless you today, and always.

Melanie said...

"God's Hand of Discipline is a Hand of Love"... what a great thought and one for which I am so thankful!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I love your blog. I have been reading your posts and love all that I have read. I am a very new blogger and have lots to learn. Would love for you to visie and meet our little miracle, baby Jack.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thanks hon, you are such a dear sweet friend. And I love your long comments. I can't wait til we meet. So glad you are doing better. Remember, I'm always here if you need anyone. Love you

Thank you Judy, and I did have a great day!

Thanks Denise, and I pray for blessings for you always as well.

Melanie, Amen to that!!!

Teres, thanks for visiting and commenting. I will definitely be by to visit.

Debra said...

It does say so much ... for whom the Lord loves, He chastens. Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

Our Heavenly Father truly loves us. When He corrects us it is all for our best. I thank Him for His correction and His discipline in my life. What a wonderful and loving Father we have. Beautiful post my beautiful friend. God bless and know that I LOVE YOU!

Susie Q said...

What a beautiful poem...always a lift for the spirit from you sweet lady.


Toia said...

Beautiful picture!! It is so adorable. Thanks for the sweet words. Blessings to you!!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Amen to that Debra and blessings to you as well!

Thank you Valerie Lynn, and yes, we do have the most glorious Father and a lot to be thankful for. Love you too!

Aww, thanks Sue, I love you too!

Thank you Toia and blessings to you as well!

Lisa said...

I enjoyed your post today and you have a lovely Blog.
God Bless You.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thank you Lisa, thanks for visiting my blog. I stopped by your one blog, A Place to Land. Love it! Have a blessed week.