Tuesday, April 21, 2009

God's Love

Yesterday was one of the best days I've had despite the constant pain and discomfort. I'm so thankful for God's love and the way he works.

I believe I have talked about my daughter with an Atheist fiance and one of his two boys being the same way. In our trips taking them to school and back often, we get a chance to talk and I play kids worship music most of the time. R would complain before but has given up on that. I figure the more you expose them, the more the Lord will sink in.

Well yesterday the Lord was speaking strongly to him and we were truly blessed. The baby was really fussy and usually rides good in the van, but yesterday he complained a lot. So on the way back home, I put in Jules new choir CD and C calmed down right away! Then R commented, "Well I guess he's going to grow up to be just like you guys." I sat quietly in thought and then the Lord gave me the word, "It's the peace of the Lord."

Well this brought up questions from R! He asked if it's bad not to pray or say grace everyday. I told him that it's not bad, but God does love to hear from us and the more we talk to Him the closer we come to Him. I used myself as an example that I haven't been praying regularly lately and have been having some difficulties. But when I pray regularly, (and I should have added read the word daily), then I'm much happier.

Shortly after this--I love God's timing--we see a vehicle that had the drivers side back in all crunched in with the trunk buckled up and the back window gone. This was an old Cadillac. R commented, "Man, I hope that dude has insurance." I told him that he probably didn't otherwise he wouldn't be driving around like that. I then said that I would add him to my prayers tonight. R said, I'm going to pray for him right now. I was shocked!!! So he was quiet, then said, "I just prayed that he would get Progressive." I love the way of children, from the mouths of babes.

So I told him that I felt that this man needed more than insurance that he probably needed a job or something, that he was obviously down on his luck. The inside of the car had parts of the roof falling down. So R got quiet again and then said he prayed that the Lord would help in what ever he needs. That really touched me. Here was a child determined to be like dad and not believe and all of a sudden he's praying for someone else. He's normally all about himself.

I told him that I was really proud of him and he made me very happy. This made him feel good too. Then he said, "Omah, you do need to pray for him because you are so much closer to God than I am. He will answer your prayers faster than he will mine." I told him that God listens to everyone and especially to children with caring loving hearts. and that the more people that pray, the more powerful those prayers become. He liked hearing that.

When we got to their house R commented that this was the happiest day of his life! I asked him if he knew what was going on. He asked what and I told him that God was working on him and He was pleased with him for coming to Him. I let him know that God was making his day better. He thought that was cool.

God's love; where would we be without it. This is living proof of the strength of His great love for His children.


Denise said...

Gods love, and His timing are precious sweetie.

~hon~ said...

GOD loves you so much and I love you so much, too. I am anticipating for more testimonies from you. More sister more. GOD is always working. HE never stops.

Anonymous said...

God is AWESOME!!! I love this post!! It just goes to show that even when we think that someone isn't gonna know the Lord, He will show Himself to that person and change their life!! thanks for sharing!! love you!

Simply Heather said...

WONDERFUL!!! Smile after smile, as I read. This is so encouraging to know that you've had the opportunity to be a seed planter and actually witness a bit of growth. YAY.

Hey...I love seeing mom's daisies on the back of your blog BUT I didn't realize until you put it here that I never made one for the minima background w/o three columns...so...if you'd like to change it to your format, I reorganized it to fit you better. Here's the url link: http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff207/Tbow5/mmomsdaisy.jpg

Love to you, my sweet sister!

Simply Heather said...
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Simply Heather said...

OK - it didn't print the entire url. So, Click here and you can see the new format, copy/paste that url.

Mom's Daisy Background for Minima Blogs

Karen said...

That is so sweet! God's ways are amazing....

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Yes it is Denise! I'm so thankful for Him.

I'm praying for more Hon! I'm praying. Love you too, and thank heavens He never stops!

Yes He is Smile! You are welcome. Love to you as well!

It felt so good Heather. I've been praying for a release in that household and am finally seeing results!!! I love your mom's daisies as well. They are beautiful! Thanks for the link. I'll go ahead and change it. You are so sweet and awesome! Love to you too sweet sister!

Yes they are Karen! We are so lucky to have Him in our lives.

Thank you all for your sweet comments. Love, hugs, and blessings to you all!

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Wow! That is an awesome testimony.