Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ed Freeman

A War Hero silently passed away in a Boise hospital yesterday. What a man he was. The sad thing is we never heard about him being in the hospital, nor about his death. I found out from a friend in Florida.

Ed Freeman deserves to be remembered for his life saving heroics. During a combat mission, many had fallen under enemy fire. The battle was so intense that the Medi-Vac helicopters were told not to land. Ed Freeman was not a Medi-Vac person, but he flew a Huey in several times and rescued many to save their lives. He recieved the Medal of Honor for his great heroics.

What an awesome, courageous thing to do. Obviously he was a man of God and through the Lord he was able to pull off a fete that many would think impossible, nor would dare to try.
May he rest in peace now as he has entered through the pearly gates of heaven and will no longer suffer in any way. Thank you Ed Freeman!

Click here to go and read an article about him or just google Ed Freeman.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome writing about one heroic man! I would not have known or heard about him unless I had read your post. Thanks for posting this awesome story!


Chris said...

May God grant Ed the rest he deserves.

Susie Q said...

Ed is smiling in Heaven now...such a true hero.