Monday, April 6, 2009


I have a question for you all. I've had it put on my heart pretty much from the start of becoming a church member to do missionary work. I so badly want to travel to other countries, but due to taking care of the grand children full time, I am not able to do that. Recently it finally sunk in about local missions. Pastor has talked about it many times, but it never really set in. Now the Lord has placed it upon my heart to do local until my time comes to travel wherever needed. We have great programs here.

My question is knowing what others do in their local communities/states for mission work. What kind of programs do you have? It hit me that the more we share with one another, the more we all learn and the more apt we are to draw more people to the Lord. After all, isn't that our main mission in life? To be able to draw people to the Lord in numbers, how greatly that would glorify the Lord. If anyone responds, and doesn't want their comments posted, please leave a comment letting me know, otherwise if it's alright, I would like to share your responses with everyone. Thank you! You are all so awesome.

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