Thursday, November 6, 2008


Oh my gosh. I went into the Newswire chat room and was appalled at what I read. So much slamming of McCain and Palin still!!!! Why must this go on? Still talk of Palins ward robe.

One: Michelle Obama spent way more on her wardrobe for her alone along with her family. Do we hear about that? No!

Two: The complaint about Bush and the economy. First, I voted McCain/Palin, but will support Obama as he will be our President. That is the American way and the God way. But I think many are forgetting or will not accept, the Dems were the majority in the Senate and Congress the past 2 years and that is when the economy went down hill. Bush? I don’t think so.

Three: McCains party was and still is being slammed for negative ads towards Obama, but Obama a gentleman and scholar being polite when Obama’s party did the same thing.

Shame on us for lies, for looking for dirt, that often times was not there, for being petty, such as wardrobes. The right has said they want to unite for some time now. Clearly by so many of the comments on the News wire, that is not the desire of the left.

They are still dogging McCain and Palin and the election is over with! Where are we going with this? Let’s Stop this ridiculous behavior! Let’s set examples and show our Political parties that we are sick of this pettiness, lying, mud slinging garbage, and stick to FACTS only. Let us know exactly what they want to do and how.

One last point; shame on all that are dogging McCain in the manner you are. McCain went through way more than many of you will ever do to support our country and give you your freedom, much the same as Jesus had done for us. We are Americans that should be fighting for our country, showing an example of what we are founded on and should be acting like. Unite people! No more LEFT and RIGHT. UNITED WE STAND! GOD BLESS AMERICA! Yes, I used the word God. Look at the Constitution of the U.S. Look back at history and our founding fathers. Why do you suppose there is so much ugliness today; because we have lost sight of our values?

Please America, stop and think about what we are doing. Many say you are against the war, but you continue a war here in our own country. Not to mention the dishonor to our troops you are showing. I’ve been cussed out for voicing my opinion. That is sad and petty. I’m praying Obama will be the man he says he is. I’m praying Michelle will come to the people and be genuine about being an American. I’m praying that those that are so full of hate get past it and be the people we need to be. Let’s save our great nation, let’s unite, lets stop the fighting! Many say you are against the war. Well let’s stop the war here in our own country. I’m talking to the so called LEFT and RIGHT. I have to say, there are many Dems. and Reps. I support, and there are Dems. and Reps. I don’t. It’s based on facts and what the Lord our God and Creator has told me to believe in.

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