Saturday, November 22, 2008

Growing Old

I love going to the One Minute Writer blog (you can go there by clicking on her button on my main page.) C. Beth has some awesome ideas for writing prompts. The latest one got my mind to going. Oh oh, ow ow ow, that hurt. I had written my thought in haste, but in truth. But then I read one that really touched my heart about his wife and what she had said to her husband at one point and then later found out she had cancer. The prompt was "growing old." His writing touched my heart and sent my thoughts soaring. So here is what came to mind. Bear in mind I've never been very good with words, but I think you'll get the jest of it all.

We start out a thought, to a seed, to a growing child then out into the world we come. Everything about us planned by our Creator a very long time ago. We are but a young little one depeding on others for every little thing we need. We can't talk, we can only cry or laugh to let our caregivers know whether we're happy or sad. Then we begin to roll, crawl, walk, and then we're off and running.

We can finally communicate! We see the older ones around us go through many different emotions, but are still too young to comprehend. We are still too young. Then we start school. We begin to realize that life isn't all fun and games and can actually at times be more challenging than it was to learn to walk.

We move on, growing up and heading into the lovely teen years; the ones we hear our parents say, "oh no, I'm not sure I'm ready for this." ;) We begin to learn that life can take many twists and turns. We learn what death is. Some of us have already lost or are losing grand parents. Some of us learn what it's like to lose a friend. We learn that the heart can be broken. We wonder what it is we are suppose to do. Some of us turn to the Lord for guidance, as we are fortunate to have learned at a young age what God is all about, and how Jesus died for us. How we are comforted when we turn to the Lord. Others remain lost.

Then we become adults ourselves. We look back at the years and laugh at how we hated going to school and now wish we were back in school. Funny how our thoughts change as we grow older.
Now we are middle aged and look back and ask ourselves, did I really do that? What was I thinking? Sometimes we may think, gosh if only I was that age again with the knowledge I have now. Our faith has grown stronger, we have become wiser. We are enjoying grandchildren. We reflect back over the years and think; wow! where did the time go.

As we grow older the days seem shorter, the weeks, the months the years, they slip by faster with each passing year. Where does the time go? Our children are grown, having babies of their own. Our grand children wow! how did they get so big so fast. We reflect back over the years, hopefully we have done well with our children so that they have a loving family life as well and will be able to look back with pride and satisfaction. Yes, as we grew older we made sure our children recieved knowledge of our Creator, of His son, of their great sacrifice for us. Yes, they know what family values and the value of life is all about. Yes, they were shown what it is like to have a kind heart, to love others without question. Ahhh the good old years.

Then we become senior citizens. Our lives change, we aren't able to get around as well as we used to. Even though in our minds we refuse to give into aging, our bodies are singing a different tune. We've taken good care of our tent that God has borrowed us though. We are in good health and keep moving, as we know if we sit and say hello old age, I succumb to you, that guessed it. The body says okay, you give up, so do I. We want to be around to enjoy the little ones again. To hear the laughter and pitter patter of little feet. Oh how they bring such joy. Oh Lord, take good care of them, protect and guide them. Let them have the good life I had, let them come to you.

I may be old and coming home soon, but at least I can go with knowing that I'll see them again. We grow older and weary. Soon our bodies say, I've gone the journey long enough. It's time to part from this world. I lived a good life. I've been blessed with a beautiful family that keeps growing. Thank you Lord for this time on earth to be with the people you placed in my path, for your teachings, for your heart. I'm ready to come home now. Good bye world. I'm through being old.

Then we are home with our Maker, free of pain, free of suffering, a body complete and whole, reunited with our loved ones of past. Ahhh, the good life. Growing old was worth it.

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