Monday, November 10, 2008

A Seed Has Been Planted!

For months I've dealt with a heavy heart knowing that--or should I say thought that--one of my grandsons did not believe in God. We've prayed and prayed for deliverance for him and his dad for some time. The boy wants to be just like dad, and dad is an atheist. Today after retrieving him from school, he says, "Omah, remember how you told me that my mom had told you that she used to take me to church; well she said she never did tell you that." I told him he had misunderstood me, that he was the one that had told me. He argued with me and then started asking questions about God!

Needless to say, I was excited. I thought cool, he is interested. Come to find out, he has always believed and prayed; Praise the Lord! But, he was confused, as dad is confused and does not know whether to believe and what to believe. My son and I continued for the whole 20 minute drive to discuss the Bible, Jesus, and God with him. He was under the wrong perception of what church is all about. We were able to get him to see that church is not a downer place to go. He thought we were there to get people to believe and do what we felt was right.

Because of his frustration and carrying on the thought of a conversation we had once, a couple of weeks back, a child was enlightened more and has a desire to learn. A seed has been watered. Now it needs to be tended to and nurtured. He wants to start reading the Bible now. In fact, I told him I would get him one that would probably be a little easier to understand. Then we talked about receiving Christ and being saved. He had the wrong perception of that and why Jesus died on the cross.

Once hearing what and who our Father & Son are, he is excited, wants to learn and wants to be saved!!!!! Hallelujiah! God is Good! All the time! I can't begin to say what a relief that is. There has been a cloud of darkness covering that household for some time. A little glimmer of light has broken through. Hopefully the other four children will have an easier time now. The two girls and occasionally the one or to of the other boys go to church with us. They all have a love for Jesus. The oldest girl wants so bad to learn all she can! Now we just need to pray for dad to believe and for mom to go back to church and get her strength back in the Lord.

And oh Happy Days! Happy Days! We'll never be the same! Even in the shadows of the dark and dreary days of fall and winter, there is light! Praise God! We can never give up hope; never stop praying; never stop believing. For every season, there is a reason.

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