Saturday, November 15, 2008

Something for Fun!

Okay, I've decided to try something new. I've set up a poll on the side bar just to do something fun. I've started it with a very easy category. I have all kinds of ideas, but wouldn ya know it, da mind failed me again. Darn the luck. They will all come back to me though. Just gotta have faith donchya know? Sorry, had to throw some of the old Norwegian slang in there. I was reminded of how us Minnesotan's and Nord Dakotans used to sound last night while at Albertson's. It was actually quite refreshing. Did not realize just how much of an accent we really did have then. I used to laugh at people when they said we had quite an accent. Our daughter can do the voice quite well. Okay now hon. Oakie Doakie. ;) The grandkids are starting to get used to the talk and even have fun using it sometimes. Gotta love us! Hey after all, we are all just one big patchwork of different designs weaved together by the love of our Creator!

So have fun, answer the questions and I promise, they will get better. I know the first one may seem dull, but hey it's a start down what will hopefully be an interesting path. If any of you have ideas or would be interested in a category, let me know. I'm open to new ideas.

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