Sunday, November 2, 2008

Prayer Request

This is a prayer request going out to all.
My little sister Sarah is currently fighting for custody of her grand daughter and her sister. The other girl is of a different father. The reason being is the oldest has been suffering neglect for some time. The mother has some serious mental problems and is incapable of caring for the babies properly. Micah (the oldest) has had severe diaper rash since birth. Mom refused to use desitin or anything else. When my sister went to see her new granddaughter (Katie), she found the bathtub was filthy. It took her 2 hours to clean it! Micah had a urninary tract infection. Mom did not want to take her in to receive medical care. The poor girl has been sleeping in a bed soaked with urine, to include the pillow. Mom does not know how to cook. Yesterday, Micah had french toast for breakfast, which is okay, but didn't happen until 10 am. Then she had sweet tarts and graham crackers for lunch; and part of a corn dog for dinner. This is a typical day for the child.

Sarah called and asked for serious praying to be done. I knew to come to all of you as well. There is a hearing Monday, Nov. 3rd to decide whether or not Sarah will get custody (the social worker is pulling for it to happen) or whether more research will be needed, or if the mother appeals.

Please be praying for the children to recieve what is necessary to have them in a loving environment, more importantly a safe environment. Sarah's son does have bi-polar and has been off his medication and was afraid to go against the mothers wishes as she would do crazy stuff if he did. While pregnant with Katie (the newborn) she held a knife to her stomach and threatened to take her life and the babies. She's called the police on Ryan and lied to get him into trouble if he made her mad. The children need to be taken from that environment. Praise the Lord, Ryan is back on his medication, receiving counseling.

Please pray that the Lord will continue to work on him and help him become a good father. Pray that Melissa (mom) will be helped as well. Those babies deserve a better life than this. Children are a precious gift from God. We need to nurture them and care for them.

So please pray for Micah Marie O'Grady and Katie May Krueger (the two babies) for safety and love. For Melissa and Ryan to come to the Lord, be healed and become the parents those precious girls need. Thank you to all of you for your prayers. Prayer in numbers is owe so powerful. God Bless!

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