Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas Lights A New Perspective

Just thought I'd share a thought about Christmas lights. This thought came to me last year as we were driving around looking at the various houses all lit up. I love listening to the squeals of the little ones. Omah! Look over there; oh wow, that is neat; and on it goes. Yes, I admit, I love all the lights. But last year I looked at them in a different way. Here's what I see now and it warms my heart and makes me thankful and excited for the holidays more than ever.

When you see the lights aglow, they are lights celebrating Christ! Yes, this is what I see. It's a way to Glorify the Lord for all the good He does. It's a celebration of Jesus. It's a way of saying Happy Birthday Jesus! We Love You and Thank You for all that You have done. I have been teaching the girls that now. Of course they don't see it that way just yet, but I'm believing they will. And yes, we still do the, "look over there, oh look at those, wow, ew, ah...;)

So the next time you are out and about and see the beautiful display of lights, perhaps you too will have a different perspective on what they signify. I will admit, I used to think good grief, all those lights, must be ringing up their electric bill. (I know shame on me, but that was before coming back to the Lord). But now, I say, you go people! Shine those lights. Let Him see how much He means to us!

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