Sunday, November 9, 2008


Today, one of my grandsons was making up a song about his "buddy" which reminded me of years back when I was taking care of a friends son. The "My Buddy doll" doll had come out in the 80's. The littel guy that I took care of loved that doll.

I had completely forgotten about this doll. Isn't it amazing how something as simple as one word bring back memories? So then I thought; well, I haven't heard about that doll at all any more. I wonder what ever happened to it. Come to find out it is a collectors item now. You can read about them and look at the different ones that had been designed, here at Kaylee's Corner. She has the dolls from the ninties on the main page but a link to compare with the originals.

Talk about a blast from the past. Now I just thought of the "Dressie Bessie doll." I had one of those, and so did my kids. :) OM Gosh, I can't believe the walk down memory lane tonight. While searching for Bessie, I found Chatty Patty, Wetsy Betsy, Dollikin Paper Dolls, the Tammy, Pepper, and Ted barbie type dolls. But nothing on the "Dressie Bessies doll before the 1983's. Was it a figment of my imagination that I once had one of those dolls? Does anyone remember it from the sixties or seventies?

I also came across Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake. Our daughter loved those two, and how about the pound puppies. Both kids loved the pound puppies! Then of course there was the Cabbage patch. Those are making quiet a come back.

Okay, I am beginning to realize that I could go on and on. But I'll stop here and ask if anyone else has some great child day memories of favorite toys.

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