Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blocking Out

Driving just keeps getting more and more interesting. Can you tell it is my favorite thing to whine about? ;) Better to talk about it than end up with "ROAD RAGE!" Agggghhhh! LOL

Seriously though; while driving today and going through the construction sight that has a lane closed brought me to this subject. Every day I have to go through that area, I'm reminded of how people ignore/block out road signs, either that or they feel the signs do not apply to them. Who knows!

Well today we could have ended up in a serious pileup. I was back as I knew it was coming; but we still would not have been able to avoid the accident should it have occured. Two vehicles wait until the last minute to merge over, traffic is very heavy, there is nowhere for them to go, so they force themselves in. And of course, the people in the proper lane were not going to slow down to let them over. I think people are tired of those that have to take chances and get the one, two, or third car length between them.

What came to mind is this; what if we treated God that way? What if we chose to block out all the signs he sends our way? Life would be like the driving scene is becoming every day; a mess; a serious chance on our lives/well being. Is it worth it? No, like driving; taking chances is unwise. The whole idea is to continue to get closer to the Lord. Blocking Him out is not the way to do it.

So if we pay attention, everyday little lifes happenings actually has a message in it. The Lord has many ways of reaching out to us to get our attention. It's taken me a long time to realize this, but find it fascinating that when we leave ourselves open to Him, we learn so much more.


C. Beth said...

GREAT message! I'm glad I clicked over here and read it.

God bless,
Beth (The One-Minute Writer)

P.S. Thanks for putting my button on your blog! :-D

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thanks Beth!

You're quite welcome. It is my pleasure. I really get a lot of enjoyment out of your blog.

Chris Bowers said...

Great Post. You are absolutely right. We have to stay open to His direction.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thank you Chris for your kind words. I've learned the hard way that when we don't listen, life can become rough.