Sunday, November 23, 2008


Good Day All!

I have posted a new poll today. Poll daddy I will change later on; probably tonight. If there is anything that you are interested in seeing the results in, let me know. Also, would love to hear why you choose a particular Bible. Sharing information allows us all to learn more. If you chose other, list the one you use here. I know there are so many more out there. I just listed those we have and forgot to put in the Message Bible.

Have a Blessed Week!


Chris Bowers said...

Hi Omah. I use The Net Bible for no other reason than my bible study teacher uses it. I've had many different versions over the years and can't say I am head over heals in love with one over another. I think you've seen my prayer blog. The links I place below each prayer are from the The Net Bible's web site which, like Crosswalk or Oneplace is a great daily resource for study.

By the way, your blog is my featured blog this week. Let me know what you think of the new layout.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Hi Chris,

I fully understand the use of the Net Bible. I use Bible Gateway often. I have no particular favorite as of yet, but there are those that I don't care for much due to the wording that is used. Thanks for commenting.

Thanks for the featured blog. Your new layout is great! It has a fresh look and is easy to follow. Keep posting. Always enjoy reading your blog.