Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Great Nation

After reading some blog posts, and listening to videos on this early morning of the voting day; I've reflected on all that has transpired up to this day. It is amazing how so many have been duped by the media. It saddens me to see how many are relying on the media and not what our great and wonderful Creator asks of us to do.

What does make me feel good is how the Churches across the world have come together, prayed together and seek the word of God. This is a comfort, as the Lord is the one who is in control; not us. Our Church has been praying three times a day; 6 am, noon, and 6 pm. for insight from Jehovah Jireh, for righteous people to be voted into office, for truths to be revealed, etc. This past Sunday we had Sacred Assembly which was a life changing event! The Lords presence was so strong! His voice loud and strong!

Our Church is going to continue to pray on a daily basis. Our Pastor has been great at getting the word out and many are picking up on the importance of the Church. We are coming back to where we all should be, and that is being steadfast in seeking the Lord as a whole!

I have a good feeling about this great nation. I'm believing that God will prevail. Regardless of what happens this election, our faith must remain strong. We must remember that whatever happens, God is in control. We must turn to Him! No matter what, stand for America, our great nation, to keep life, family, marriages as they were deemed to be from the beginning. Let's come together to remove the dark veil that has been sweeping over America!

Remember, what happens in our country has an affect on the whole world. It's not just about us. What happens today can affect the future of our children. What do we want for them?

God Bless America, the land of the Free, the home of the Brave!
Don't forget to Vote!!!

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