Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prime Time with God

Today's Prime Time with God is another great one. A good lesson involving the work place. It starts with the Two Pillars that were placed at the entrance of the Temple, one on the south named he named Jankin meaning; "it establishes," the other on the north is named Boaz meaning; "in its strength."

You can read more about the Pillars and find references to the story of the pillars by clicking on Prime Time above. The following is a piece on what is being done in today's world.

"Kings and Priests are joining together to bring the presence of God into the
place that has been forbidden territory - the workplace. It is only when this
partnership cooperates in unity, mutual respect, and affirmation that we see
God's power released. Alone, we cannot do it. Together, we can bring the
presence of God into all spheres of society to transform workplaces, cities and

Imagine if people of the work place were all righteous people working there. Imgine the impact on the people that do business with that business. For instance, my husband prays every moring and through out the day about keeping his tongue in control and shining with the light of the Lord so that people realize. Since doing so, his boss has started to change! Now he doesn't go in there praying and pressing the issue upon everyone, he just works on being a builder of faith. Its actually quite simple when we believe. Let's all be builders of the Lord, let people see we are happy with who our Father is and share the light with others when approached. May you all go in Faith and be Blessed in Jesus name, Amen.

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