Monday, November 3, 2008

Gestures: Real or Accident?

You know, normally I would say that people do things without thinking, but when he has made this gesture while congratulating Hillary also, it seems that this is not a mistake. Look at the mans face; does it look genuine? Not to mention that he wants to bankrupt the coal industry. Tax us to death, as if we aren't already. Our economy is going to go downhill real fast. A socialistic life, oh yeah, that sounds like fun! Anyway, go here to view the video that I'm referring to.


BrianR said...

You'll probably moderate my comment, but whatever.

It's amazing how you just simply parrot all the talking points ... this 'socialist' meme is especially hilarious. If you don't want Obama based on sound arguments of policy, fine ... some have made those arguments. But, the crap you are repeating is just that. It's amazing and shocking to me how easily the right-wing memes are picked up and repeated by the faithful.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

No Brian, I'm not going to moderate your comment, as I believe in freedom of speech.
I'm sorry you are so angry. I'm basing my comments on what I see from the heart, not what the media is saying. You can see the rest of my comment on your comment in a new post.