Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Are You Using Your Time Wisely?

Oh yes, how I love Crosswalk, along with so many other insightful spiritual newsletters. This one comes from Crosswalks Daily Update: Invest Your Time Wisely. Oh how I so needed this message. Some of you may too. Of course you know the routine. Click on Crosswalk.com on my side bar to go there.

So to give you an idea of what this message is about, it starts with:

"You’re always busy, yet never seem to accomplish all you want or enjoy the way you spend your time. Sound familiar? If so, you can learn how to invest your most valuable resource – time – in what matters most.

Here’s how you can invest your time wisely:"

The following are the titles of the categories discussed:
1. Start a relationship with Jesus Christ. (For those of us that already have, know the importance of this one. I pray others will learn as well.

2. Identify Your Time Traps. (Okay, this is one I definitely need to work on. Shhh, don't tell anyone.)

3. Be called instead of driven. (Okay, what in the world does this one mean?) Well this means are we called by the Lord to do what we do with our time, or are we trying to do it on our own? Are we just, so to speak, spinning our wheels with no purpose in hand?

4.Check your schedule against your priorities. (Huh? Really? We should be doing that?)

5. Deal with feeling overwhelmed. (Yeah right! How in the world does one do that when they kids everywhere? Ha ha, J/K!)

6. Deal with procrastination. (Ah shoot, I don't have a problem with that one! Yeah right! This is my big downfall. I've been working on it though. Our Pastor has talked about this very subject. Geesh, I need to get with the program.)

7. Deal with pressure from others. (Okay, if we have to. Actually, I have to say this is one since attending services for a little over two years now--gosh, doesn't seem that long!--I'm finally getting past what others think, say, and do. Woo hoo! Free at last! Thank you God!)

8. Deal with self stress. (Okay, how does one do that if we are the ones bringing it on ourselves???).

9. Make time for your loved ones. (Now this I can totally see, understand, and desire to do better with. So important, yet they seem to be the ones that get left behind all too easily when times get busy. Hmm, seems I done a post on this one not all that long ago--about slowing down.)

10. Invest your time in work that matters. (Hmmm, makes sense.)

11. Remember that time is money, and money is time. (Oh boy, does this bring back some memories. I used to say this almost very same thing to my crew at the last place I worked, and I believe at the one before that when we were in Germany. Oh yeah, and even stuck my foot in my mouth while up helping my little sister where she worked, filling in for a mom on maternity leave. I have a hard time with skaters/slackers, what ever you want to call them. I figure if you are getting paid to do a job, then by golly you had better be doing it. Well that goes for when one volunteers too. If you have time to stand around jollywhopping and what not, then you might as well clock out and go home. Now don't get me wrong. Customer service is very important. You have to make customers feel welcomed, that they are important, and you have their interest at heart. But...you don't have to stand around conversing with friends, co-workers and so on when there is work to be done. You can do that during your breaks and before and after work. Talking with co-workers can be done while working. But for some strange reason, when someone is talking, all work ceases?!?!?! I wanted to yell at times, "honey, trust me, it is possible to move your mouth, hands, and feet at the same time and you won't break!" Ewww, a bit harsh huh? I guess this all stemmed from my dad being a very hard working man, then going into the military, then marrying a perfectionist. Aggghhhh, they were all around me all throughout life. I can't help it if I expect someone to do their job with pride! Is that asking too much? Whoa girl, got way off track here. Yikes. Sorry all. Hee hee. Wind me up and watch me go. I guess there is a message here though.

Take pride in what you do. Put your best foot forward. Do it with the Lord shining through all that you do. Any way. I didn't mean to turn this into a tongue lashing post, a complaint session, and what not. I also wasn't trying to make a joke out of the list of things to follow. They are all good. It's just my way of laughing at myself for the ways that I get caught up in and need to change. The message is excellant, well worth reading. Yes it's a big lengthy, just like my post (blushing), but hey, would I lead you to something not worthwhile. No way!

Well you all have a great night/day, and God Bless each and everyone of you. You are all special!


~hon~ said...

Oh this is an awesome post! I definitely LOVE it!

1.) Yes I have a relationship and I want more. My covenant is to focus more on HIM.

2.) Time Traps? Are those like hindrances? ehhh...kind of lost...help! hahaha!

3.) Oh gotta share something from my devotional Bible..."Whatever it is that GOD has not called you to do right now in your life, Satan will do his best to entice you with that very thing. Beware!" ~Priscilla Evans Shirer

4.) So why should we check our schedule against our priorities? Do I need to read this newsletter now? hahaha!

5.) Oh was that a negative overwhelmed? hahaha! I always have the positive overwhelmed. hahaha! just kidding!

6.) Oh yeah procrastination is such a big problem but a big GOD can change everyone. Of course, faith without deeds is useless. Gotta work, work, work. hehehe!

7.) Oh GOD dealt with the pressure already and now it's easier since I am holding GOD's Word in my hands and carrying in my heart everywhere.

8.) Funny...self stress! hahaha! GOD dealt with the stress with me. Oh GOD is so good! I surely can't live without HIM!

9.) Oh I am a "loved ones" person hehehe! I always make time for family for all the lost time in the past. I am a home buddy, I must say. I wasn't before though.

10.) True. So true. Our time is precious.

11.) Wow that was a funny story! Well, I understand what you're saying. I believe in multi-tasking, as well. Others just gossip anyway so I'd rather not engage in that. Talking negatively about other people's lives. Sometimes, I don't like how someone disturbs me while working just to say a gossip to me. For the most part, I just go on with what I'm doing. Not to be rude but just not interested in gossips. I'd rather pray silently. I LOVE doing that while working. hehehe!

I very much enjoyed this post...I experienced the fun side of you. The lengthy post is very much loved, my friend.

Night/day...now that made me giggle! hehehe! You really consider me a lot, huh? hahaha!

You are special, too. You are appreciated and loved by me. GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY! P.U.S.H.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Hee hee, I'm glad you enjoyed this one. It is one of my favorites as it holds a lot of meaning.

I'm glad to see you knew I meant you with the day/night thing. ;)

You are so sweet. Much love to you, and I appreciate you as well. God Bless You Always, and Always P.U.S.H.