Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Yesterday on "One Minute Writer" the subject was on scars. This subject has gotten my mind going. There are different ways to think about scars, such as I have few, some from stupidity, some from surgery, from being a mom and a grandma, and some that are heartfelt.

For example, (Stupidity: I have a scar on my shoulder from climbing through a barbed wire fence from being in the horse corral when I wasn't suppose to be. Another from hanging myself by my ring on the overhang of the stairwell. (long story). ;) LOL There's the ball joint behind the big toe of my left foot sticking out from jumping in a dunk tank when I shouldn't have and broke it. I never went in, and am reminded constantly of that embarrassing moment. (blushing)

Then there's the surgeries: Three on my knee from tearing the meniscus in a couple of places--there will be more of those as I have serious rhuematoid arthritis in my knees and will eventually need a knee replacement--but that's okay. I'm just thinkful I can still walk! Scars from a gall bladder removal--thankful it was laproscopic. Scars from a hysterectomy, bladder suspension and recteceal all at one time. And then huge scars from a mastectomy, due to being too top heavy and needed to relieve the shoulders, back and kneck. Believe me, well worth the scaring--although at first I didn't think so. LOL

Then there are the scars of being mom and a grandma: You want the best for your children praying they will grow up with the values you have tried to instill in them. You watch them grow through their struggles in life, wishing you could take away their pain for them. You pray for better days for them. You take a little bit of scaring with you as you travel those roads with your children, watching them go through the learning steps of life. But wait, now comes the grandchildren. You thought your days of concern were over and becoming grandparents would be a time of gratitude and joy! But you start the process all over again, wanting and praying for the same things you did for your children, but even more now, as you have grown and matured, having learned so much more. We take a few more deep scars with us, but, now we know we can rest easier, as we place the worries in God's hands, as He does not want us to worry. He has His reasons for our seasons. We just need to learn to trust.

Then there's the deep seeded kind of scars. The kind that are hard to let go unless you have the Lord in your life. The years of being told your stupid, won't amount to much, ugly, you name it. All those sweet names that kids can be so cruel with. Rejection. Abuse, physical and verbal. Being told you are no longer her daughter that she doesn't love you any more, to get out. After having such a close relationship with her. Watching one of your sisters being seriously abused and seeing what it has done to her mentally. Being cheated on. You think those scars will never go away. But thanks to our loving father, they too can be wiped clean if you allow it to happen.

But you know, there are those scars that we can be thankful for. That's the scars that God and Jesus have taken upon themselves for us. God's scars for having sacrificed His only begotten son for our sins. Jesus' scars for the suffering He took for our sins. Our scars when we think about it are very minor when it comes to the scars they have endured for our well being.

I look at my scars today and say, "Thank you Lord for allowing me to experience the lessons you have given in each and everyone of my scars. I may not have understood at the time, but you always found a way to let me see the light. Thank you for your sacrifices so that I can live a free person."

So you see, scars can actually be a good thing. Just look for the light of it all and guaranteed you will feel better.

Thank you C.Beth for giving me an inspirational subject to write about.


Chris Bowers said...

Well written. Wow, you have a lot of scars. I got attacked by barbed wire once too. Thanks for the encouraging words.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thanks Chris. I may have many, but they were all lessons that I now appreciate. I'm glad you enjoyed it and retrieved something from the post.

God Bless

Chris Bowers said...

You have been tagged!

~hon~ said...

Okay I'm warning you...this will be a long one. hahaha!

Oh the physical scars felt like real for me. I was ouching. hahaha!

Now for the surgeries...I claim healing for you in accordance to GOD's Will! I am in awe that you can still be thankful inspite of your surgeries. The surgeries will stop from now on. GOD is our Healer! Oh I was still ouching on that part...hehehe!

I think I know the parental scars even when I'm not a parent yet because I have given my mom deep scars, too. GOD healed her though. I am learning from you with all these parenting and grandparenting stuff. I like it! A warning I guess. hahaha! jk

The deep-seeded scars is very much understood by me. Everyone goes through rejection. I've gone through abuse also. GOD is our strength and ultimate Healer!

I LOVE the last kind of scar! You said it so well. I was completely nodding and adoring GOD while reading it.

Don't tell me I never warned you. hahaha!'s long! hahaha! Enjoyed this post! It has great organization. Perfect for evangelism. Seriously. Your testimony can change lives. GOD will continue to use you mightily for HIS Kingdom!


P.U.S.H. means Pray Until Something Happens

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thanks for the comments hon, and it wasn't too long. :)
As for being thankful for the surgeries, it's easy'; as I prayed about the last one and was told to do it. The other major one was a necessity otherwise I would have bled to death. So I appreciate the fact that the Lord provided doctors that knew what needed to be done.
As for being a parent, we learn from our parents and kids on what to and not to do, and feel it is so important to share happenings with others, as we learn from each other as well. Sure wish kids came with a manual though. Hee hee
I'm sorry to hear you had experienced abuse; I wish no one had to experience it. I do believe however that we come out much better people and perhaps that is His plan for us. That is one point I had forgotten to add, that with forgiving the person being abusive, forgiving ourselves and placing it at Jesus feet, we are saved from the continous pain. God is good!
I'm glad you liked the last part. We can be a very thankful people for those great sacrifices and learn from them.
God Bless! Oh, I thanks for letting me know what P.U.S.H. means. I like it!