Sunday, December 28, 2008


I'm looking for ideas and suggestions on fresh new ideas for working with young children to help them learn Christianity. Something that is easy for them to grasp. Something to pique their curiosity. The grand kids are interested and I don't want them to lose that. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated and welcomed.


Simply Heather said...

Hi there, Omah. I don't recall the ages of your grandchildren but I used to host a small group for moms and babes where we would begin the time together praising The Lord through children's Worship songs.

The kids loved it, they aged anywhere from infant to 5ish. I then would read them a biblical based story or a story from the children's bible that I have. Some really cute ones are a serie's from Kathleen Long Bostrom. She illustrates and writes precious children's books. I have quite a few. I just found her site for you: Little Blessings are the books that I've read. I didn't know she had the others, but they look pretty intriguing as well.

The kids just loved this time that we spent together. We'd worship and dance, sing loud and march, pray simple prayers together so that they knew the closeness of their Lord; we'd ask and answer questions and play, then take a few minutes to snack. After that was mom's time for doing the same things while the children played together.

It was a nice time together, then I became exhaustedly pregnant ;o) with little man number three.

Thanks for asking a question that brought back these memories, Omah. It also reminds me of the books that I should hunt down in my house, dust off and read to my little guy. He's missed out on some of that quieter life chasing after the school boys ;p.

Smiles to you ~Heather

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thank you Heather. I'll check out that sight. I do the children's worship songs with the kids. They absolutely love it. Ever time we get in the car I have to put them on for them. I love their desire and longing to be in His presence.

With being somewhat new being back in Him, I need to be refreshed as to how to teach children, as I never really received real teachings as a child. I do have books of coloring with stories. I also have a childrens Bible that we read. I'm just not sure that the sharing is being done correctly.

Silly me, it just came to me that I need to be praying for Him to lead me in teaching them. :) Thanks for your information. It would be fun to start a play group that works with parents and children learning.