Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Listen for His Instructions

In today's Crosswalk, Live it issue; it talked about a couple that had a baby and decided that God was telling them that they should only have one child. So the husband had a vasectomy. As time went on, mom began to feel empty, their marriage was struggling some, dad wasn't feeling the same thing.

It took a Christmas miracle to wake them up. While watching a nativity scene being played out, their daughter pointed out that they were using a real baby this time instead of a doll. Dad grasped the desire for another child then as well.

God talked to them both telling them they were to have another child. The reason for them not having one was the risk of the child having problems since Dad had health issues. The following Christmas season brought the couple another child on Dec. 23rd!

So the lesson here is to seek Him, listen for Him, follow His instructions. He has it all planned out for us. When we follow His instructions, life goes much more smoothly when we listen to Him and follow His words. You can read the article in full here.

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~hon~ said...

Amen! I have never read this yet even if I had the email subscriptions...hehehe! Good thing you pointed it out. Thank you. I'll read it. As what I've learned, "Listening is a skill." Once we have listened and heeded, GOD will do more. You are a willing and obedient listener of GOD because you posted this to bless one of HIS children and that's me. Thank you.