Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just to let you know

I thought I would explain my habits. There are times when I post nothing, then times when I post a lot in one day or more. This is due to messages I receive either from e-mails, or from the Lord. Most of the time it is due to something happening, and then I'm given the words to write.

Granted, more times than not, I do not write the words in the best format, but the message is sent out. Most of the time I receive the messages when I have no way of writing them down. Guess I should carry a voice recorder around with me. ;)

Anyhoo, this is the reason for my sporadic postings. Hope you can all hang in there with me on this roller-coaster of a journey.


Meggie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Meggie's Stuff and your comment about the deer in my yard. One of my other blogger friends calls her grandma Omah. I was surprised to see it in your blog title. But, I already knew what it meant because of Kaet at Nantucket Dreams. I'll stop by again soon.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thanks Meggie. I love reading your blog. It's so refreshing. I'll have to check out Nantucket Dreams.
I've often gotten asked what Omah meant. It's nice to hear that someone else knows what it is. :)
Thanks for commenting.

~hon~ said...

awww..that's funny! Yes you should carry a voice recorder anywhere. I think it's a good idea. Or maybe carry a small notebook and a pen anywhere. That's what I do. I love your blog since I know the reasons of your posts and that is to share GOD to everyone.