Wednesday, December 17, 2008

God's Perfect Timing

God's perfecting timing never ceases to amaze me. This is a post to show His grace and mercy; not to boast.

Today my son asked me if I wanted to go out for lunch. I decided to take care of a couple of things first even though I knew he wanted to get going. Little did we know there was a reason for my taking my time. We finally headed out. When we reached a certian intersection, we had a red light. I looked away when I hear J say oh my gosh. I look up just in time to watch two cars impact one another head on. They hit pretty hard.

You see, we were meant to be at that corner at that time. I put on my emergency flashers, pulled to the side and jumped out to make sure everyone was okay. The first car I came to was an older woman. She was pretty shook up and complaining of her back hurting. She was going to call it in when I told her I would. Then I saw a young woman from the other car getting two young boys out. So I ran over to make sure they were okay and started to call the accident in when I noticed another woman in a vehicle on the phone and she motioned she had called it in. So I had my son put the little ones in our vehicle to keep them warm. It's only in the 20's here.

The older woman would not get out of her vehicle and refused to go with the ambulance as she had her dog with her. She asked that I call her husband for her and did. Once the ambulance, police, and all showed up, I was told to go back to my own vehicle. By then I had my son pull over into a parking lot.

The babies were kept warm and mom was able to sit in there with them while the EMT's checked them out, and she filled out her report. I'm just so thankful that we were put there at that time. It was too cold for them babies to be kept outside until help arrived. I just pray that everyone will be okay. The one little boy ended up being taken in the ambulance since he was saying his kneck hurt. The poor little guy was terrified. The ambulance crew was awesome though. Poor mom was really shook up and still in shock. My heart goes out to the three of them. Their grandma showed up to help out which was a blessing as well.

I also pray the older woman is okay as well. She was in shock totally and was still sitting in her car with the window down when we finally left there about a 1/2 hour later. My heart goes out to all involved. Yes, even the woman at fault. People make mistakes, and this type is most unfortunate, but we are to forgive. They have a tough road ahead of them, but even tougher if they are not with the Lord. May the Lord shine down on them, keep them free of nightmares, and bless all involved so that their suffering is short. And Lord, please take good care of those two little boys. They were brave even though they were scared. Thank you for putting us in the right spot at the right time.

The reason I know we were meant to be there; we never went to lunch afterwards. We headed towards there then desided to just go home and eat. God is Good! His timing, His mercy, and His love. It doesn't get any better. I wish the accident had never happened, but thankful to be there to help. We owe it all to His Glory!


~hon~ said...

Oh I don't think you were boasting. GOD is truly using you mightily. Everyone can be in that same place at the same time you were there. But the question is, "Will they be willing to help?"

You have an available and willing heart so GOD placed you there at that very moment. Truly, GOD'S PERFECT TIMING! I agree.

I pray that the accident won't recur in their minds. They won't have any phobia from it. They won't have nightmares. I just pray for everyone to be covered by the blood of JESUS CHRIST!

Everything that's happening to us is GOD's Perfect Will at HIS Perfect Timing. Thank GOD for a beautiful soul who is willing to be used by GOD named Tammy Jackson. You certainly exude GOD's glory and I declare that those people will be won by GOD through the help you offered. You are just amazingly wonderful. You have a beautiful heart for people. GOD BLESS YOU, my dear friend!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thank you for understanding the meaning. I don't feel I'm any different than anyone else. I just love being able to be used by the Lord to do a good deed. Helping people has always been in my heart ever since I can remember. It just seems like something that should come natural.
But yes, it is always by GOD'S PERFECT TIMING AND PERFECT PLANS. Life without Him is a loss.
God Bless you sweet friend.
P.U.S.H. Always