Monday, December 8, 2008

Life's Trials and Tribulations

Well, needless to say, the past few days have been rather interesting. It all started with our daughter not passing the emissions test on her car. So of course her registration was revoked. She couldn't afford to have it taken in, so we took care of that. What ever the problem, the vehicle has to be ran for a few weeks before it will pass. So she's driving without registration, and her fiance is driving one of our vans for now (we have two, my hubby's for work, and mine for hauling kids). ;) Omah's taxi hee hee.

While up visiting my parents, we received a call from my middle sister. Her daughter who is either 14 or 15--pretty sad, I can't remember for sure--has become suicidal and is in a mental hospital. The doctor can not figure out what is going on with her. She is having a really rough time. I got a call from my sister on our way back that my niece attempted suicide again while in the hospital. This is why I could not post last night. I met them at the hospital with our family medical history on depression etc. So I am asking for prayer for her and the family. My sister and her husband is having a really hard time with this, naturally.

The stress has done a number on my parents as well. My mother has been having problems with getting dizzy spells and then passing out for a bit. Well she had a bad spell Saturday night. So if you could all pray for her as well. The doctors have ran so many tests and tried so many medications that she has given up. My dads health is going down hill real fast as well. He has heart problems.

Then to top it off, I just got a call that our future son-in-law (who works mid shift) is stranded at work and cant get our van started. He works 30 minutes away. It's a fun situation. He gets home, helps our daughter get the 5 kids ready to go, I take the boys to school 30 minutes away and then come back and drop off the oldest girl at school then take the other two home or stay at our daughters and help clean up. Well, now we have to work it out to where my husband can get to work (at his bosses house) and hopefully find transportation to city hall where his other office is. We can't get our son-in-law until I drop the boys off.

Of course daughter is stressed because there is no one to help her get the kids ready for school and take care of the baby while she gets ready. Son-in-law won't be able to drive home by the time I get there (dropping boys off then go jump the van). So our son has to go and drive that one back, as son-in-law won't be able to stay awake to drive.

So everyone is pinging right now. Hee hee. Does us some good. To me this is a way to wake son-in-law up to finding a new position that will give him the money to get them a new vehicle (his no longer runs and needs a whole new engine) grrrr. Let them all see and appreciate all that we try to do for them, and all that they have. Although I know our daughter is very thankful and he seems to be as well. I honestly think the Lord is trying to wake them up to some things that need to be done. As for the message to us, haven't figured that one out yet. I'm not asking for sympathy, as this is all going to work out. I'm just writing to vent I guess and the main thing is a prayer request for my niece and parents. The rest is minor. I do find some humor in the whole vehicle part, but it is also a bit overwhelming at this point as it is all coming at one time, and during the holidays.

There are so many out there though that are in much worse conditions, I guess that is why I can find some humor in all this. You have to laugh. If you don't, you allow the enemy to attack. Sure don't need that happening. The Lord has been good to us, and I know He will take care of it all now too.

By the way, thank you all for your wonderful comments. After reading them all, I told my hubby and son how blessed I am to have come into contact with such wonderful people. You really made my night last night. The comments were so uplifting and reminded me, despite the dark cloud hanging over the family right now, just how pure and wonderful the Lord is with the people He brings into our lives.

God Bless you all, and thank you so much.



~hon~ said...

I'm at the other side of the world and it's bedtime but I saw you have a post so I'm commenting. hehehe!

First of all, I agree with the humor and the love and understanding you give to your daughter and son-in-law. Strategy. hehehe! I like strategy in winning souls especially when people are full of problems. GOD uses those problems.

Second, I am deeply burdened by the niece. I have been suicidal when I backslid but not too much. So I am going to pray for her. It saddens me how this happens to youths. She needs JESUS. If only I could fly there now, I would go share to her. No kidding. So if you can do me a favor, and if you're allowed, please visit her and share GOD's love to her? No pressure though. GOD's Perfect Will and GOD's Perfect Timing.

I will also pray for your parents. Let's win some souls! And the best way to do that is to LOVE.

I love trials! They draw us closer to GOD. I don't want my comment longer than my post. hahaha!

GO FOR GOD, Tammy! I will want to read more updates of your family. I want to witness GOD's goodness and faithfulness in your life. You are a blessing to your family.

P.U.S.H. P.U.S.H. P.U.S.H.

~hon~ said...

hi! just wondering if you ever got my first comment here?

Omah's Helping Hands said...

I really owe you an apology. When I signed in and my dashboard came up, I had no idea how many comments were waiting. I feel really bad. I have finally approved them all. I never checked yesterday. :( I am very sorry.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thank you so much hon. You are such a blessing. I pray daily for restoration for my family that is either a prodigal or a non-believer. I have no news as of yet. Nothing has changed. My sister is allowed to visit my neice this evening. I'm praying for good news.

My neice has been going to church and trying to talk her mother into going as well. I never really felt the church was giving her what she needed though.

I am very concerned for her. I've been there to some degree, but not to the extent she is at now with the voices and nightmares. I did become suicidal before though, as I had written in my testimony when I first began blogging. A couple of times before that as well. I guess that is what scares me more because I know what its like and what can happen, but yet there is a calmness as well, because I know God will take care of her.

When our son became suicidal, there was constant worry, no calmness what so ever, because I was a prodigal at that point, and my husband did not believe at all. Our son has become a full blown schizophrenic. But he is doing outstanding now that he is on a new cocktail of medications. It took years to get here and it's still a constant battle, but...the Lord is with Him now and it has made a huge difference. He is hoping to be able to handle being around other people now, get an education, a job, and get off of disability! That is his main goal. He feels so inadequate for being on disability. I'm believing he will get there! Praise the Lord!

So hopefully I will have good news coming soon. I know that it is all on Gods time and His plan, so patients must come. When we become impatient and try to take over, that is when more problems arise. Everything will work out. It's just hard watching your loved ones, and even strangers for that matter go through their struggles.

Hmmm, just got another idea for a post. Hee hee. I love how you all can get me to thinking, and then the Lord pokes me and says, hey, think about it. ;)

God Bless, and thanks for PUSHING!