Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Week!

Okay, as I had promised hon, here is how it all turned out. Oh what a blessing this past week has been. Busy? Oh yeah, without a doubt, but well worth it believe me. Let's just say this weekend had me in joyful tears many a time.

First off, I worked with the best group of people. The director for the kids choir was simply amazing! He...well, all I can say is just amazing. I really enjoyed watching him work with those young kids. He is a gifted man of the Lord without a doubt. I'm just happy I had the chance to help out. I found out today that he has written many songs. He wrote one of the songs the kids sang called, "Glory to God in the Highest." I'll have the words to the song at the end of the post. Simply beautiful. My good friend and inspiration at the church from Crayons in My Briefcase told me today that she used to sing some of his songs as a kid. How cool is that? Perhaps some of you or maybe you all have heard of him. Frank Hernandez. Our church is blessed to have him on board.

I was in awe of how he had control of 60 down to 57 kids the whole time. That's not an easy task in itself. Come to find out he had directed a group of 200 kids before. Wow!

His right hand person who is another very dear sweet woman was so fun. Through her, I met other wonderful women as well. I so enjoyed being with them all. They all worked directly with the director and the kids, I was the hospitality person. I wanted to work with the kids, but that is okay. I loved being there and helping in some way or another. They are talking about doing another concert. I sure hope so. I so want to do it again!

Any way, the week was easy for the most part. Trying to get all the cookies baked and ready on time before the times needed and for gifts--which I have to bake some more the next two days with 4 kids to care for--thanks hubby and J. :0) Ha ha. But thats okay. I want to give some to some of the people I'm closest to at church, but not so sure that is going to happen now. Oh well, there is a reason for everything.

Friday was the angel tree project, which I was downhearted to see how it went, not the part with the people running it, but the volunteer status this year. I am praying and ask that you all pray that it will still run without any more problems, all gifts will be delivered before Christmas. Those poor kids deserve it! Thanks in advance for your prayers. I'm believing in it. I know the Lord will not let those kids down. God is a loving God!

Sat. the kids had to be at the church for practice with the band for the first time at 9:45. They were great! Just a few minor things to work out. At noon we had a cookie social for the kids. Needless to say, they loved it. All the baking was well worth it!

We then had to be back at the church at 3:45 to practice one last time and then perform for the 5 o'clock service. Mom made it for our grand daughters performance. Yeah. As well as our neighbors and good friends. It was a special moment. I was just floating the whole night. I was so proud of ALL the kids. They done a great job.

Sunday we had to be back at the church at 7:45. Well GD #1 (oldest) and I were there at 7:10 to set up a snack table for those that didn't get a chance to eat breakfast, and so they would have stuff to nibble on since they were doing both the 9:00 and 11:00 service. I kept the two girls over night to make it easier on them. Decided to let GD # 3 (youngest) sleep as she was so tired. Hubby brought her in later. Bless his heart he even made sure she was bathed first. Ahhh, such a good grandpa.

I have to stop here for a moment to talk about hubby. I am so blessed to have not only a great husband, but a great father to our kids, and the best grandpa to the little ones. He is soooo good with them. And his following of the Lord; amazing, simply amazing. I love him so. Can you tell? ;)

Anyway. Amazingly with a snow storm starting up, the roads snow covered and icing up, most the kids were there on time. They were all smiling and cheerful for having to be there so early. I think they were stoked from the night before, even though there wasn't half the amount of people as there was today!!!! Oh and I must comment, one of the kids--Mr. Frank let some pray before each performance--asked that no one would be killed on their way home today. How cute and sweet is that? Awwwww.

So they had one last rehearsal then performed their last two times. The last service was perfect. It went off without a hitch. The smile on Franks face said it all. He had every right to be proud. Of course we all knew the Lord would take care of it all. I mean after all, when you have a man leading them that is filled with the Holy Spirit, teaching the kids that they were singing to worship Jesus, and such, how could it go wrong? Of course, the whole time watching them, I was beaming. I was so proud of the hard work and dedication of the children and the people working with them. It was amazing. I'd do it all again!

Unfortunately, I tweaked my knee again. I don't know if I tore the meniscus again or not. I sure hope not. It felt so good to be back there again and helping. I was hoping I could slowly work back into it, but guess it just wasn't meant to be. :( God must have other plans for me.

Then today when we got back home--we swung by and picked up one of the boys, and hubby had picked up the baby earlier--the kids were stoked about playing in the snow, so they did, I fixed lundin (lunch, dinner combined), I know I'm weird, they came in happy and cold and we ate. The kids were the best behaved they have been in ages! Think they recieved some insight from Jesus these past two days???? I think so. The oldest, oh my gosh, she was a blessing. Hubby and J had to go fix a tire and pick some stuff up, I have all four, baby is fussing big time. I finally had to lay him down to finish cooking and GD#1 went and picked him up and laid down with him. He stopped fussing for a bit, then realized he must be hungry; gave her a bottle and he was good to go. Omah was able to finish cooking. Hubby and J came home just as I was preparing their plates. Is Gods timing perfect or what? Then back outside they went and had a blast.

Even Omah must have recieved some blessings as I had the most patience I've ever had with the kids in a while. It was truly a blessed weekend. Thank you Jesus. And yes, I'm still floating with all the gloriousness of the weekend. It was purely a blessed weekend. I got to spend it with friends I haven't talked to much in a while, had several good laughs with a very dear sweet woman who helped lead my way in my walk with the Lord, as she taught the first small group I attended. She's a pure hearted person who is so fulfilled. It was great. And Pastor Ken, oh what a blessing he and his family are to our church, gave an awesome speach. I only caught part of todays which is different from last night. I'm praying they post both services. He reads a couple of Christmas stories to the kids too on Sat. for Christmas. That is so cool when he does that. Could never tell he loves kids. Ha ha. Hey check out the service by clicking on Capitol Christian Center on my side bar. You won't be disappointed and go listen to the service.

Okay, I guess it is pretty obvious that I'm still reeling. Sorry to be so long winded, but it was an awesome, awesome week and ended on a high note on the weekend. Praise the Lord! Just thought I'd share. I love happy stories.


~hon~ said...

Okay now for my delayed comment...hahaha! Thank you for doing it for me...hehehe! I just LOVE how GOD works in your life! My sisters are out with my mom and aunt. I think those two girls are at the new mall right now. hehehe! So now the computer is all mine...hahaha!

Oh that's so cool about your friend at Crayons! I can discern that he is an amazing man. Although I'm not familiar of his name but maybe I heard some of his songs already. Oh wow 200 kids! Amazing!

Yes it is nice to work with other women like us.

I'm sure the cookies were very much appreciated whoever ate them. hehehe!

Oh how nice about the gift giving for poor know how much I love doing that and I really admire you for doing the same. GOD is really a loving GOD and that's is mainly why GOD is LOVE.

You sure love kids...I'd want to do the same.

Awww that's so cool! A breakfast before service. That's a very awesome idea. I can do that sometime at our church, too. You're blessed to have your hubby and granddaughters. Hope to meet them all someday. And you're such a sweet wife. I can tell that you love him so. hehehe!

Oh you finally had snow, huh? That's cute and funny how the kid used 'killed.' I'm very sure you were so glad with all the kids performing there and Mr. Frank is a good man based from your stories. I can imagine. But maybe my imagination isn't enough. hehehe!

Funny - lundin - it sounds like london. hehehe! Oh I didn't know you use 'oh my gosh' as that's my favorite expression hahaha! The kids have been gifted with the Holy Spirit. That's so awesome! GOD's Timing is really perfect.

Girl friends are needed in our lives. You know how women are with girl things. hehehe! Oh I'll surely check the website!

The longer your post, the longer my comment...hahaha!

I'm very glad you had a blast for Christmas. GOD is a fulfilling GOD. I had a blast reading and commenting, as well. GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY, my dear sister in Christ! Continue serving HIM with a happy and willing heart. GOD is pleased with your beautiful soul! P.U.S.H.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

You're the best you know. I did do some pretty lengthy posts lately. I gett going and just don't know when to stop. ;)

Yes, Mr. Frank is amazing. I just found out that they are allowing us to purchase a DVD of the choir. I'll have to try and add it to here. The kids were amazing.

I do love the projects our church does for the community and surrounding areas. We have an amazing Pastor.

God had been blessing me in so many ways lately, I'm just floating. I love the feeling. And yes, I love kids. I can't imagine life without them. In fact, our Pastor was talking about using our gifts and the Lord revealed to me then that my gift is not in hospitality but rather working with kids. He wants me to continue on with what I am doing.

Speaking of how the Lord works in us. He does amazing things with you. I am blessed to have been given the chance to get to know you. I hope someday that we will actually meet in person. It will happen if it is His will.

Thank you so much for your comments.

Love you.

God Bless You Always! Keep!