Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Recently I've been doing a lot of pondering. There is so much going on in life. It never fails either, it seems during the holidays is when all starts to unravel. I've wondered why. I have to admit, even as a Christian, I've asked why and then feel bad. I know why, God has a plan, a reason, a season for everything. This does not always make it easier.

Then I sit back and look at those that never question, never let the worldliness get to them, etc. I admire people that are that enveloped in the Lord and pray that I too will get there some day. I know life isn't perfect, as we are of the flesh. We inherited our problems from Adam & Eve. But...we can try to make a difference. We can try to stop the sinning.

I'm getting off course here. I have a habit of letting my mind run amuck when I'm on a thought. I had written of the trials our family is currently facing. Then I look back. We lost my paternal grandfather just before Thanksgiving over 10 years ago. My paternal grandmother just before Christmas a little over 10 years ago. My maternal grandmother New Years a few years ago. We spent Christmas with her watching her suffer terribly. Bot grandmothers died of lung cancer. My grandfather died of Alzheimers having a major heartattack. Everyone was during the holidays. My husbands maternal grandmother and her sister died with in three days of one another just before Christmas while he was stationed in Iraq over 10 years ago.

Now this year, we lost my husbands sister-in-law a week before her youngest sons birthday, just a few months before the holidays to suicide. Our daughters depression is getting worse. Our neice is suicidal and in lock down. My parents are not doing well at all. On the up side, hubby's dad just recently remarried after losing his second wife. Hubby's mother died from cancer when he was 10. His step mom recently passed from a long battle with Lupus, her pancreas shut down and infected her whole body. His dad is now married to a very healthy vibrant woman. We pray all goes well for him.

The best part about the marriage, she is a devout Christian. She has done so much for the church, community, and Israel! She has hubby's dad going to church! Praise the Lord!!!!

When these events take place in our lives, it reminds us of just how good God is. We must ponder on the positive. It is vital that we do. Yes, there are going to be hurtful times in life. It is our solemn messages to not forget who we are to follow. When we get off track, He uses these trials to remind us. When others get off track or have yet to come to Him, he uses those painful times to wake us up.

I have to admit though. I told hubby on the way home Sunday; "I've been praying for my sister and her hubby to be shaken and woken to Him, that something is done to wake them up, to open their eyes, ears, and souls to Him for their daughters sake, and theirs." When we recieved the call about my neice, my reaction was why Lord? Why are you using her? Why are you letting her go through more suffering than she alreadys has? But then I remembered; often times those that we are closest to are the ones He uses to wake us up. It hurts to see her suffer. I just have to believe and hang on to the Lord that she will get better and their family will be brought back to where it needs to be. They were drifting apart from one another big time.

Okay, I've rattled on here. I hope I have gotten the intended message out. We need to believe in Christ our Lord and Savior. Giving up only opens the wrong doors. Praying is vital. When we got the call, I went into the bedroom and dropped to my knees and cried out to Him. As hon has pointed out; bless her for sharing that; we must believe, follow, and P.U.S.H.

God Bless you all. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your friendship. I am truly blessed.


~hon~ said...

I was truly in pain while reading this. I grew up in a Christian home. I admit that I get weak. Christians still do. Some just don't show it. Weaknesses are used by GOD for HIS glory.

"I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us." ~Romans 8:18

I declare GOD's inner healing and deliverance upon your family, friends, relatives and your generation upon generation! I bind the works of darkness in all of your lives right now and covering of the blood of JESUS CHRIST be upon your household...In JESUS CHRIST name!

I still believe in GOD's Victory upon every soul in this world. Do not get tired of showing JESUS to everyone. GOD's special favor is upon you, my dear friend.

GOD has burdened you with so much because HE trusts in you. In your faithful soul who will intercede for them and to be an anointed instrument of GOD's love and grace.


Pray and praise your pathway to victory! ONLY BELIEVE.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

You are absolutely a wonderful person.
Thank you Lord for bringing such an amazing woman into my life. For showing me someone with such compassion for you Lord as I feel as well. Bless her and all who are in her life. Watch over her, bring her peace, comfort and happiness always. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.
Thank you for your inspiration, caring heart, and support.