Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Be Builders!

How often have we heard this one. But have we ever put it together with children?

My husband reminds me of this often. I thank God for all He has done with my husband; making him a leader of the family. There are days when I have 4 of the grandchildren; usually just weekends during school. The one is a special needs child who is menatlly challenged. He needs someone with lots of patience, understanding, and a lot of time. Something neither of us has the much of. But we are trying really hard.

The next to the last time we had him with us, our patience was running dry. He has gotten into the habit of talking back and smarting off to us. Something neither of us tolerates very well. I know, shame on us.

Well this particular day we did not deal with it very well. We make it a point to come up with, "How could you handle this situation better; What can you do instead of this; Can you think of a better way to react?" And the list goes on. We are trying to do away with words such as don't, no, that's wrong, stop it, etc.

So that night, hubby and I discussed what we needed to do. We prayed about it and voila! God is so good. And of course, "be builders" came up.We had the patience, used positive reinforcement and worked with him. We made sure when he listened and done well that we praised him for it. It turned out to be a beautiful day.

You see, he is unable to eat without having it all over him and all over the floor etc. He is unable to go to the bathroom be it peeing or a BM without getting it everywhere. Believe me, with an infant, a preschooler and a first grader who is having some emotional struggles lately, the preschooler going through a serious tantrum stage, it wears thin after a while.

But, the point is, "he can not help" what he does. We have to constantly remind ourselves of this. My heart goes out to him, as he has a mother who does not beleive there is anything wrong with him, and father who ignores it, my daughter who is too overwhelmed to deal with it often times and feels guilty--she does try to talk the father into getting him help--and teachers that keeping saying he needs help. So if you all could pray for him it would be greatly appreciated. He is a very loving child who gives out compliments all the time and loves Jesus! Praise the Lord for that. We've been taking him to church with us as well when he is here.


~hon~ said...

What does he know about JESUS? I am happy that you are building him up as he grows. A special child needs special attention. Since I am also a daughter, I know I really appreciate when my parents praise me for something I did because it is an encouragement to do better things. I like how you communicate with your husband and that he is a leader of the family.

GOD is building you up, too. We should be builders because we have a Father who is a Builder of builders.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Amen to that! Yes, we all need to be builders. As for what he knows about Jesus comes mainly from what he learns in the classes at church, and what we tell him. His older brother, his birth mother, and father are all atheist. So this is an accomplishment in itself. He knows that when he's frustrated he can talk to Jesus and ask for help. He knows that Christmas is about Jesus, but doesn't really comprehend it, it's still more secular for him). He knows that Jesus died on the cross for us. We keep working with him and fight against his dad trying to convince him that church isn't good, etc. His dad talked him into not going one weekend, but thank the Lord, as the oldest grand daughter craves learning about the Lord, talked him into going! We are so blessed to have such sweet grand children. I keep praying that my daughter will come back to the Lord instead of questioning after listening to the great professor of philosophy. Forgive me Father. That was in bad taste. I keep praying for him as well that he will be woken to the truth. Thanks for your positive feed back. You are such a blessing to me. I thank the Lord for special people like yourself.
God Bless and P.U.S.H!