Friday, December 26, 2008

Refueling Your Soul

Another great message comes from Dr. Charles Stanley at In Touch Ministries. The message title is: "Refueling Your Soul." Dr. Stanley is a man that has made a wonderful walk with the Lord. He has so many great teachings. We love His Life Principles Bible.

Anyway, the lead into the message says, "Spending time alone with our heavenly Father is necessary for good spiritual health. In fact Jesus would often retreat to the wilderness to pray in solititude and quiet (Luke 5:16). You can click on the link above to go read the full message.

It is true, we need to pray in solitude to be closer to Him, to hear his voice. It is important for our spiritual health to spend time alone with him. One of the best places I have found to do this is while driving. I know, we need to have full concentration on the road, but I still manage to talk to Him, worship Him, and listen for Him. If I'm alone, I have a great time spending time with Him. The shower is another place. In fact a woman who I had met at the kids Christmas choir rehearsals had recieved a message from Him in the shower about my youngest grand daughter. So where ever you are alone, take time to get with Him. It will be well worth it! Also, here is the link to In Touch Ministries home page.


Homesteader in Training said...

Hello my friend. I love this post because it goes to show that you can snag alone moments anywhere. My shower is a big one as well. I also get up early to have quiet "alone" time with the Lord. Have a most excellent weekend.

Chris said...

I like to pray in my car too. Sometimes I look at the car next to me and the people are looking at me kinda funny, like who is that guy talking to.

~hon~ said...

Oh my dear, I'm trying to catch up with your posts. I need to do more but my sisters use my computer a lot now that they're here. hehehe! I really hope to catch up more soon. I miss your posts!

Anyway, about this post. hehehe! I like this post and I like Charles Stanley, as well. I've never heard of Life Principles Bible yet but I should go check it out.

Very good post. I appreciate it. A wonderful reminder that everything should start with our relationship with our LORD which is something I'm focusing on right now so thank you for posting. GOD used you to confirm my revelations.

I used to do a lot of praying but I have been unfaithful lately. GOD's grace is sufficient. I LOVE solitude with GOD! I SO agree about the shower. I do that a lot. hehehe! I don't drive. hehehe!

I will catch up on my reading tomorrow. It's night time here now. 10:29pm on a Saturday evening. So try to figure our time differences. hehehe! just kidding! Gotta be early for service tomorrow. Hope you're having a blast today. A beautiful day upon you, my dear friend.


Btw, thank you for following my sister's blog.

Much love and respect,

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thanks Kim. I try to get up early, but have a hard time sleeping, so mornings are rough for me. But there are times He wakes me in the middle of the night and then I have quiet time with Him. Have a beautiful weekend as well.
Ha ha, I have the same thing happen while driving. I figure oh well. I especially get some wild looks when I'm worshipping and using my hands. When I have the girls with me, we really get going. I think it scares some that haven't a clue as to what worship is.
Hi hon, well you told me to do some posts, so I did. ;) Hee hee
Hope you are enjoying your time with your sisters. I wish I could spend time with mine. It will happen. Refresh my memory, which blog is your sisters? I follow so many now. I think I know which one it is, but want to be sure.
And don't feel bad. I've been trying to play catchup as well. Also, I have been unfaithful in my prayer time as well. I've been so sporadic lately and need to get back on track. God's timing is perfect. He meant for us to be reminded.
Have a great weekend! God Bless you Always! P.U.S.H.

Simply Heather said...

Cars, Trucks, Planes.
Showers, baths, rains.
Bedrooms, hallways, doors. Natures, porches, floors.

God listens.
God speaks.

Our hearts must be open.
Our inner ears must be aware.

There is not place on earth where we cannot hear our Creator speak to us; only in the absence of our attention.

~When I first began understanding this, it was in the years before actually physically attending Church. It was through the precious heart of Charles Stanley, Omah. He is a gifted teacher, isn't he though? His heart is so sweetened with the sugar of our God ;o).

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Oh I so agree Heather. Charles Stanley is one that I have learned the most from. I'm amazed with his knowledge and ability to speak and write. The Lord knew what He was doing when He blessed Dr. Stanley with his gifts.

~hon~ said...


Omah's Helping Hands said...

Okay, I thought so, but wanted to be sure. It's a good one! It's obvious you are sisters.