Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Excerpts From Various Sites

I had to share this quote by Chuck Swindoll. So true!

"As I reflect on the uncertianty of our times...nothing is more needed in 2009 than proclaiming His Word....And God will do this through you."

Hmmm, makes you think huh?

This next one is good. I have a very good friend who is very spirit filled with a big heart that works in an office of people that are not any where near to be Christians. She's talked about the feelings there at times, but she keeps planting the seed, and it's helped. If anyone can bring people to the Lord, she can. What a great gift to have!

Any way, the next one comes from Prime Time With God: Word Rewards.

"There is a belief held by many in the body of Christ that says "If I'm not doing something that has an inherent spiritual value, then it has no value at all." This sacred/secular dichotomy impacts believers everyday as they go into their secular workplace. They believe what their secular work is simply a means of supporting the real ministry carried out by local churches, ministers, missionaries, and vocational ministries. "

Click on the site name on the side bar and check out the rest of the reading. Very good.

I love this next one from Insight Today: Hope by Chuck Swindoll.

"One of the greatest benefits to be gleaned from the Bible is perspective. When we get discouraged, we temporarily lose our perspective. Little things become mammoth. A slight irritation, such as a pebble in a shoe, seems huge. Motivation is drained away and, worst of all, hope departs. "

This has been happening lately. Motivation hasn't been lost, but hope has at times, and those little irritations have been known to become mountains. The only way to remove these problems is to go to the Lord; Get in the Word; pray; take a deep breath and listen for His instructions. Letting things get out of control is not healthy.

Crosswalks Loving Action talks about husbands and wifes.

"Honoring Your Husband...

"As a wife, you need to understand these differences between men and women: By nature, a woman tends to relate to others on a more personal level, while a man tends to be more challenge-and-conquer oriented....A woman finds much of her identity through her relationships, while a man usually finds his identity through his accomplishments....A woman is usually much more in touch with her emotions, but a man is primarily concerned with the 'facts.'...The average woman speaks nearly 25,000 words a day, while the average man speaks only around 12,500!"

Wow! Do we reallky speak that much??? That's more than double what a man says.

Crosswalks Encouragement Today: from Proverbs 31 Ministries talked about Joy.

How many of you lose a lot of your joy at Christmas time? Such as they talked about the long lines at stores/malls, heavy traffic, kids demands/wants, all the hoopla that often comes with the holidays; parties, extra grocery shopping, cooking, baking, presents to wrap, shopping, shopping, shopping--had to throw that one in there--and we just get stressed and wonder where all the joy is in Christmas.

Hmmm, not once was the One that Christmas is all about mentioned in all that. Does He often get pushed aside, not time for worship, no time for prayer, no time for reading the Word? EFT said it good:

"We can't manufacture joy, or create eternal pleasures, though we try so hard to. Oh, we might get glimpses of joy--but we won't experience the fullness of joy unless we immerse ourselves in God's presence.

You might be thinking, How can I do that? You haven't seen my 'to do' list! "

Check out the message that explains what you can do to bring joy back into the spirit of Christmas.

So I shall end my list for now. I'm trying to catch up on some reading in my e-mail box and share what needs sharing.

May God Bless You Always and Always P.U.S.H.


~hon~ said...

I LOVE Chuck Swindoll and so is his son...they're anointed men of GOD!

True. I agree. Just need to get back on track. It is our choice to do so. GOD never force anything on us. HE gave us that freedom. I LOVE what you have learned from this.

Funny...we have the same email devotionals! Loving Actions...hehehe! Don't you just love that short but insightful devotional?

"We can't manufacture joy, or create eternal pleasures, though we try so hard to. Oh, we might get glimpses of joy--but we won't experience the fullness of joy unless we immerse ourselves in God's presence. ~>This is a good one! I LOVE this! So true.

You are so industrious with your emails, huh? I just choose a few. hehehe! I like the articles you post, though. They're very insightful. Thank you for obeying your leading. You are a wonderful blessing from GOD.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thanks hon. I'm just following what I'm intended to do. It's funny, but when I post, I don't really think that hard about it, I just let it all flow. I used to worry about what I was writing, but don't any more, as I know it is coming from Him, not me. :) Ahhhh, life is good! My glass is over flowing, how about yours?
You are so sweet with your comments. Thank you.