Sunday, December 28, 2008


I've added a little snippet on my side bar that reads: "Every day is a gift."

This is so very true. We must not take life for granted. Every day is a gift from God. It is important for us to take the time to make the most of our given days here on Earth. Never wasting our time with trivial practices, wasting precious time that we could be using to do good deeds, to help others, to LEARN and LISTEN to the plans He has laid out for us...

And the list goes on. I had once upon a time during my free time just sit and play computer games (solitaire and bejeweled, and a few other puzzle type games) or sat in front of the TV. Now during my free time, I listen to spiritual messages from I-Tunes, conversate with my son, hubby, and friends, read spiritual messages in my e-mail box, and most importantly, pick up the Bible and read. What I really need to catch up on is all the spiritual books we have acquired over time.

You see, since coming back into the Lord, I have this thirst, this hunger to learn, learn, learn, as quickly and as much as I possibly can. Do I ever falter, of course I do. When I realize, I repent and get back on track.

Oh and notice, I used the word "spiritual" instead of Christian. Our pastor had some good words about the use of the word "Christian." Instead of trying to explain it, I would suggest going to Capitol Christian Center (the link is on my side bar) and listen to the message. It was very good. Of course all the messages are.

Speaking of which, when children ages 4 and 6 tell you while you are sitting listening to the Pastor comment, "That is Jesus talking Omah. I can tell," (from the 6 year old) , and from the 4 year old, "Omah, is that God talking right now? It sounds like God talking," you know that you are listening to a good Pastor! How cool is that? In fact, I should share that tidbit with our Pastor. He has an impact on all ages. From the heart of a child! I love their sweet innocence and how they can teach us so much more than we can them at times.


jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Kids never cease to amaze, don't they? Neat!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

That is so true. They are always doing something to amaze us. Guess that's why I love 'em so much. :)

Thanks for you comment!

Susie Q said...

Cildren are amazing...and yes! Every day we have is a gift from God!


Omah's Helping Hands said...

Oh most definitely! Thanks for your comment Sue

~hon~ said...

Children have been gifted with innocent wisdom...amazing! This is a very honest post. I'm glad to learn this about your faith. Let us run this race til we spend eternity with our FATHER. Oh and I couldn't go to the Capitol Christian Center website. Please check the URL. I'd like to visit it. Thank you, my friend!