Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I've been up since 2:30 am. I woke up and thought it was time to get up as I was wide awake and felt rested. The Lord woke me to give me a message. He's been waking me up often to have me read or pray. God is up to something. My husband has been restless as well lately. It's usually between 3-3:30 that we get woken up, but not this morning. When I got up and then looked at the time, I thought what?!!!!

So I went into the computer room and sat and prayed and asked Him what it was He was trying to tell me. That's when I was told to go to Isaiah 4. Here is what it said:

I'm only going to type out v. 5, as that is the verse that I know He meant for me to read.
"then the Lord will create above every dwelling place of Mount Zion, and above her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day and the shining of a flaming fire by night. For over all the glory wthere will be a covering."

The covering is something we spoke of in our small group. Ever since learning of it, I had been getting up every morning and praying for a covering over every family member (you must name each individual) and the church (which is not the building, but the members which is the church), and the pastors and their families. Well the past 3 mornings I hadn't done so. I allowed myself to become overwhelmed with things going on with my daughter, her kids, and the pain I was dealing with in my neck.

He let me know that I needed to continue to pray for a covering for each member as some were begining to fall into a hole again. Lesson learned. When we are given instructions by the Lord whether it be by Him or by a messenger, we must listen and heed to the messages. I am thankful that He does not give up on us and continues to let us know when we are faltering.

When I first started getting awakened so early in the morning it irritated me. I thought; why can't you tell me when I get up or when I'm praying and meditating waiting on your word. The answer is that when we are woken the enemy is less able to penetrate our thoughts. He has our undivided attention this way. We are less apt to be distracted as we are during the waking hours. I'll tell you what, for those that haven't experienced it, this technique really works. He gets my undivided attention when being woken up in the wee hours of the morning.

I understand more now as well, as the closer my hubby & I come into the Lord, the more the enemy attacks. I've been getting hit hard left and right lately. Satan hates a happy Christian. I can't begin to count the amount of times I've broken out into saying the Lords prayer after shouting stop, leave me alone, you are not welcome here as this is the house of the Lord. He's stubborn, but so am I. :)

God is good, God is faithful. His love for us never falters. All we need to do is be faithful to Him, follow His ways, listen to His words. Pray! "Your strongest power is when you are on your knees."


~hon~ said...

Oh I definitely agree about the covering and I feel unsafe when I forget to pray for covering which happens rarely. I do that as well but I am very much encouraged about doing it in the wee hours of the morning. Please pray for me that GOD will help me with this commitment. I have been getting a lot of GOD-nudging articles lately. I am not a morning person and this will be a real challenge to me but I am burdened to do so.

I remember someone shared in a retreat, "The Spiritual Warfare happens out there in the world."

You will be added in my prayer list from now on. You are such a blessing to me. I sincerely love your posts!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thank you so much. Yes the covering is such a vital part of our prayers. I will be praying for you as well.
Yes, the spiritual warfare is in the world. This is why it is so important for us to be able to discern between the enemy and God. I appreciate you adding me to your prayer list. You are a wonderful person of whom I'm sure the Lord is smiling down on.