Monday, December 1, 2008

Economic Disaster

When reading another bloggers post it gave me an idea for one to write.
Many are overwhelmed, sickened, saddened, or just plain scared about the way the economy is headed. Some have pulled money out of the banks feeling that there is no way their money can be safe there. Some are stocking up on things that will last a long time. Perhaps this is wise; I do not know. Some are wondering about stocks, savings, 401Ks etc. It is a perplexing time in our lives.

But there is one thing we must remember. The Lord hands us no more than we can handle. We must hold steadfast in believing He will take care of us. Instead of doing what "we" think we should do, we need to go to Him and ask what it is He wants us to do.

Taking a stand together, praying for release of the enemy that has taken control of our economics, politics, government, the people, etc. Praying for sustenance in our lives. Praying for a leader of the country to be righteous and just and follow the words of the Lord.

Let us not pannick. Let us come together, unified, standing side-by-side with the Lord, walking with Him. Let us stay calm and not bend to the pressure. Worry, pannick, anger, stress, all opens doors to the enemy. We can stop the madness by taking a stand together in God.

Trust, Stand, Pray, Believe, Obey, Love. As I mentioned in an earlier post; our Pastors son spoke on the ever lasting love of God. His love never fails us. He has never changed His ways in any way at any time. We must do the same for Him. All those in agreement, please sign in the comment area at least. Thank you and God Bless!

Remember, smile, be warm, keep the faith, share His Glory, and be Loving!

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