Friday, December 12, 2008

Update/Prayer Request

First of all, I would like to thank all of you that come to visit here. You have all touched my heart in one way or another. With kind words, giggles (much appreciated, as I believe laughter is the best medicine, plus it is suppose to help one shed weight,) inspiration, support, etc. There is a such a great circle of people in blog world. I'm happy to have had the chance to get to know each one of you.

Second, I apologize for not having visited or posted the past few days. I don't know where the time has gone. Christmas isn't even a part of it. Do you ever have those days where you feel like your days are all topsy turvy, upside down, inside out, your mind doesn't function, you don't know where the hours in the day went, and you wonder how you'll ever get to do what you needed/wanted to do? Well, that's the way these past 3 days have been. So I've been asking what His plan is for me? Why, what is going on? Hee hee. Plus I have not been getting much sleep lately, so when I do get on the computer I read my mail and start to fall asleep. (Blushing).

Now for an update: God is Good, God is Faithful. Thank you to all that have kept us in your prayers.

First, my niece gets out of the hospital tomorrow!!!!!! She was diagnosed as severely depressed and ADHD. That explains the reason for her attempting to commit suicide while in the hospital. There are certian medications for depression that can not be given to those with ADHD. Thank heavens they caught that. I'm so relieved to hear she is doing well. I knew she would get there. Her parents have taken a complete turn around and are working on being a family. Praise the Lord!!!!! What a huge relief. We had a great prayer session in our small group over her on Wed. I felt such a rush come over me that I knew all would be well.

Second, my special needs step-grandson is finally going to get some helpt that he has been so badly in need of. His mom has finally excepted the fact that he has problems and is looking into a program for him. What a relief that is. I've been praying like crazy over him. He needs a lot of help. I feel big time for him.

Now if we can just get my daughter back on track and out of her depressive state, and my parents doing well things will be looking up.

Now on a downer, my sister needs prayers that they get full custody of the two little girls they have been fighting for. The mother is completely incompetent. Her son is not ready to take care of kids and needs to be back on his medication. He is bi-polar and ADHD. I finally got to meet the two girls. Oh my gosh they are such cuties. How anyone could neglect them the way they had been is beyond me. Well, how any child can be abused and/or neglected just makes me sick. The little two year old is amazing. The 1 1/2 year old is still so small. She is underweight still but finally gaining now that she is being fed properly.

Mom is determined to get the girls back. She is going to purposely fail her psych eval. Which I would thank if she fails it, she will for sure lose the girls, but her attorney told her that if she fails it, she can say she didn't know what she was doing when she agreed to turn the girls over to my sister and her hubby. This girl does not deserve to have those babies. Both girls had severe diaper rash. The two year old had a yeast infection. The baby had eyes bulging out, from malnutrtion. She was nothing but skin and bones. It turns my stomach at the thought. Children do not deserve that kind of treatment. Mom is mentally disturbed and refuses to get any help.

The baby cries when mom holds her the whole time. The two year old whines and then has a hard time sleeping and acts up whenever she comes around. Otherwise she is a well behaved littel girl. My sister got their bottoms cleared up in no time. The two year old had diaper rash for two years. The baby shortly after they brought her home and had it the whole time until my sister took the girls.

Okay, I'm sure you can tell this is a subject that is very near and dear to my heart. I have no tolerance for child abuse/neglect. It's wrong. I keep hearing, "For God so loved the little children." Why? How can anyone do that to children? Especially helpless innocent little ones. Okay, enough. Anyhow, if you could all add the babies in your prayers, I would so greatly appreciate it. The power of prayer in numbers! Thank You.

If there are a lot of typos in here, I apologize. I try to proof read before posting, but am struggling to stay awake. :( Dern it all. Why do we need sleep? There isn't enough hours in the day, need to carry them on into the night. Hee hee, ha ha. Okay, I know, that's probably why the brain isn't functioning too well huh? I hope to visit you all this weekend, and post something decent.
Good night, and God Bless.


~hon~ said...

You just made me cry over this post.

The first cry was for the niece. I AM SO GOOSEBUMPLY HAPPY! I felt the rush, too. From you to me. hehehe! And I'm so delighted with the grandson. I can't even express how happy I am that GOD is so good in our lives. GOD IS SO FAITHFUL! I am surely rejoicing with you, my loving friend!

The second cry was for the children neglected by their own parents. These beautiful children are in my prayers and so are their parents. I pray that everyone will accept GOD's love and grace. All of them need our prayers. BUT, of course, the parents need to be responsible first and prove to be worthy of custody of their beautiful children.

Yes this is a comment so I do not wish it to be longer than your post. hahaha! I'll stop.



Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thank you sweet friend. God is amazing in His love for us, His answer to our calls. I know He will take care of the babies too. I was ignorant in leaving out the parents in prayer. You are so right, they need prayer too. I keep praying for covering over them and to be led to Him. I know in His time it will happen. I guess I'm so worried about the babies, as they rely on us for the well being, that I completely blocked the parents out.
Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for such a kind heart in the Lord.
God Bless you always. P.U.S.H.